This folder ("rpgjs/Data/Maps") contains the javascript map files ("Map01.json", etc.) used for the rpg.

A map file is an object with two elements map and propreties.

    "map": [],
    "propreties": {}


The element "map" is a two dimensional array containing IDs of the tileset tile for each tile on the map. The first dimension is x-position, the second dimension is y-position.


    [[1, 3, null], [1, 2, null], [1, null, null], [1, null, null]], 
    [[1, 2, null], [1, 3, null], [1, 3, null], [1, null, null]]

This creates a 2x4 (2 columns, 4 rows) map with tiles in three layers [lower, mid, upper]. Each element of the three element arrays represents a tile ID of the tileset used. In the example above tile IDs 1, 2 and 3 are used. If nothing should be displayed, use "null". See tilesets for detailed information about tile IDs.


The element "propreties" contains the properties of each tile on the map. It assigns a two element array to each tile ID.


    "1": [0, 0],
    "2": [1, 0],
    "3": [0, 15] 

The first element is the tile priority. If this value is 0 it is displayed on the ground level below the hero. Any values greater than 0 displays the tile above events.

The second element determines whether and in which direction the tile is passable. Set 0 or 16 for full passability in all directions.

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